Looking back over my life the need to create, make, and paint has been with me as long as I can remember.  Probably having spent my early years in Chelsea with well known artists living in every street had a major influence on me at the time, as did my mother and father who were both creative.

However the need to get a ‘proper job’ found me working in the world of construction which gave me some freedom to design and draw. This was extremely satisfying in an architectural sense but after many years left me with the almost impossible task of shaking off the discipline of straight line accuracy and trying to free up.

Eventually I retired from the industry in 1999 and immediately decided to build a studio and get immersed in my painting.

Over the ensuing years my work has changed direction many times.  This process slowly evolved to allow my emotions to take over therefore you will see a wide variety of styles and media and I guess that as I’m not tied to a gallery I can have the freedom to continue in this way.

My paintings are, like my life, full of interest and never repetitive – from the conceptual /abstract to the loose representational, using oil or acrylic as a free flowing medium to bring movement, interest and emotion into my work. You will also see some gentle water colours as a contrast to some of my ‘heavy metal’ work.

David Holt